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Our Story

About Us

For hopeless romantics everywhere, we bring you Olivia Edmund wines, an expression of an enduring love story that goes on today. The love between our founders, Olivia and Edmund, blossomed from an exquisite red wine that Olivia poured for Edmund at the cozy Napa Valley brasserie where she was bartending on the night they met by purely by chance.

As a fine wine often does, it sparked a conversation that evolved into a nervous first date, and to everyone’s surprise and delight, their friends and family gathered six months later in a nearby vineyard to raise glasses to the young love-struck couple.

The Olivia Edmund brand was conceived as a celebration of the couple’s love and their shared passion for wine. From their deliberately small wine making operation in the heart of the Napa Valley, every bottle of Olivia Edmund reflects the incomparable terroir of the world famous wine making region they call home.

Full of promise and hope for the future, Olivia Edmund wines are the perfect reflection of our founders’ own story. A true expression of love, we hope they help you create an epic love story of your own.